Organic glass products processing screen printing decontamination treatment

Organic glass products processing, there are some organic glass products need to carry on the organic glass screen printing, but when the graphic printing parts with dirt or has drying of printing ink solids, such as screen printing, organic glass plate, should make decontamination processing for the silk screen, stop printing press, the net frame is raised, then dip in some operators will use a solvent of emery cloth hard hard template, can listen to the voice of the whole printing workshop, often damage of template.

A truly knowledgeable operators rarely to rub template graphic printing surface, because he knew that the printing graphic clarity requires all graphic graphic interface edge to keep clear of the emulsion layer. Graphic interface friction force can be damaged by emulsion layer, or even erase emulsion layer, leaving only bare mesh.

When printing high network cable for color images, silk emulsifier film only below 5-6 microns thick, mesh own silk perhaps only 30 microns in diameter, giving friction force. Therefore, the key to avoid rough decontamination is first of all should prevent template being polluted.

The main cause of the pollution of template is improper ink control, causing dry ink in the mesh. When using solvent ink or water-based ink, the reason is that this thin or thick ink. Should be in accordance with the prescribed dosage when ink mixed with additives. In addition to some often used sparingly in printing production in advance the good ink, ink condition does not occur Hua. When using UV curing inks, should strive to avoid screen under ultraviolet light, also to avoid the sun.

Another ink control problems related to the improper printing speed regulation. Automatic or manual printing machine speed regulating improper will cause uneven flow, the rapid dry solid mesh by lack of ink.

The final cause of ink drying is adjustable improper or scraping board has been wear and tear, by the high line number to print the level of subtle image, requires the use of scraping scraping plate edge is very sharp, horizontal Angle at about 75 degrees. Due to scraping plate deformation happens in normal use or wear and tear, the perimeter of the image sharpness drops, this shows that the ink may not be properly through the mesh, if this problem can't be settled in a timely manner, ink will dry solid in the mesh. To avoid the above problems, should reverse scraping board on a regular basis in order to prolong the service life of the scraping edge, or before the graphic printing quality has not been falling in with the new scraping board.

In order to make the mesh function, but also should pay attention to clean up the dirt from the ink inside or organic glass. Due to the electrostatic adsorption air pollutants and poor storage conditions, the organic contamination on the glass surface, the above problems can be solved by improving the storage conditions and process control, in addition to the static electrical appliances and use organic glass cleaning device can prevent dust and dirt from organic glass surface to mesh.

If the template is contaminated should be how to deal with? When using platform screen printer, in India after a group of press stop the printing machine, and then enter a piece of blotting paper, make the screen into contact with blotting paper.

Let the screen in the printing position, then it by a non friction has a screen cleaner soft cloth to wipe off dirt on the surface of the template scraping, don't too hard and so dirt will through the mesh fall below the water absorption of paper, when it is necessary to repeat cleaning mesh with a piece of blotting paper. Some fell on top of dirt particles may be very big, can't through the mesh, but with a soft cloth to stick up it. After cleaning, can use hair dryer dry template (transferred to the "cold").

When cleaning circle pressure screen printers, will meet different situations. Because of reasons of design structure, cannot like cleaning ordinary silk screen printing machine wash dirt falls on the blotting paper. Fortunately because printing speed is fast, ink at Kong Gan solid net is unlikely. If that happens, first of all to stop the printer print out a set of living thing, and then use the abradability of the soft cloth screen cleaner or thinner, dip coating at the top of the printed graphic parts of the template, be careful not to leave too much cleaner at the top of the template. This is the purpose of the solvent scrubbing of mesh in the dirt.

Sometimes to remove the dirt from the template below. In this case, should be with a soft cloth gently wipe away dirt, do not force the side.

In the process of production should often adopts the above washing decontamination method, to extend the service life of the template, reduce rejection rate.

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