Acrylic advertising signage products carving tips

Many advertising signs materials such as acrylic, PVC, double color boards, and imitation mahogany, imitation marble advertising signs and so on, are different material, but in terms of advertising engraving machine Settings, there is no difference, the actor bad of character of production, often late in carving process, according to the company the focus of attention, acrylic advertising sign products, for example, launched this series introduces reports, advertising design, advertising production, arts and crafts industry, the hotel supplies industry, decoration decoration industry in the colleague reference.

Acrylic sign products, based on acrylic base material, through the blanking forming, refer to Japan's latest surface treatment technology. Product is easy to carved lacquer, excellent adhesion, easy to get worked up, surface process, the products have been so late after returning the lacquer on carving parts as color without further processing was carried out on the surface, so the operation is simple, low processing cost, and with no deformation, no smell, good moisture-proof performance advantages.

Tip 1: carving set as far as possible choose three-dimensional carving (some say: two-dimensional half carving), choose a 90 - degree taper knife to engraving, so visually weaken the acrylic engraving on the surface of the rough feeling.

Tip 2: carving set, don't appear statified sculpture, one-time set to optimal depth, can be replaced by cutting tool. This is because the fold mark will be shown after the layered carving, affect the smoothness of carving parts do paint.

Tip 3: because before carving surface with a post-it note, so coloring can rest assured. Paint brush directly used manual coloring, province, province, the effect is not bad.

Tip 4: choose the paint fill color, should first will spray paint to the paper cups let stand for 15 minutes and then with the brush pen color full filling. Otherwise the paint in the corrosive strong thinner, can damage the paint in the workpiece surface.

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